torsdag den 10. januar 2013

Miniature - Home Office

Avoiding clutter and staying organized will help make your home feel serene and comfortable.  

When you come home to a clean space, its easier to feel productive and relaxed,
but that does not mean you need to be a minimalist.  

Displaying the things you love and that bring you joy is an important part of what makes your home yours.

That's why I love these clear open wall storage shelves . They allow for the display of the things that inspire me without distraction and  blend in easily into any decor 

Great decisions emerge from great designs. From business decisions made around a conference table to creative decisions made on a sofa to personal decisions made while chatting in a kitchen. Whether formal or informal, furniture facilitates a dialogue, a discussion and an exchange of ideas. This decor style is sure to remain popular in my new office-room


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